Journey is for high school students. Clubbers are required to serve in their local church and many of our students choose to serve as leaders in the younger Awana clubs. The curriculum includes an in-depth study of various world views and also requires the reading of every Old Testament book of the Bible. Journey clubbers are eligible to be part of the Summit team, which meets weekly throughout the school year for intensive discipleship training and then attends a national conference featuring opportunities to compete in Bible Quizzing and athletic games as well as offering fine arts performances for God’s glory. Journey meets on Sundays from 5:30-7:30pm.

Feature three rotations: Game Time, where clubbers play team and big group games, Teaching Time where our leaders teach God’s Word in an engaging manner, and Small Group time where leaders work with an assigned group of 3 – 5 clubbers to discuss the material in the handbook, recite Bible verses, and grow through a discipling relationship.

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