Mountain Springs sent our team of fourteen to the Amazon region of Brazil in late July. The day after arriving in Manaus, Amazonas, we loaded ourselves and all the the church’s donations onto a boat and headed down the Amazon River to minister to remote villages in the region.

In the village of Itaboca, we split into different groups over a couple of days. Our team members helped a new pastor who is constructing a church along the shore of the river, spent time with the village children playing games and teaching dance, installed much needed home water filters to help prevent disease, and went on house visits delivering donated food and clothing.

Our team also served at two children’s feeding centers during our trip – one in Autazes and the other in Cacau. The center in Cacau often acts as a safe haven for youngsters as it is in close proximity to much drug, alcohol and child abuse. Many kids, some as young as three, find their way to these centers by themselves because both parents work. Numerous teenage mothers come to the centers for a meal and help. While there, we helped with construction of a room addition (due to crowded conditions in the center) and held a short children’s program.

Moving forward, Mountain Springs will continue to partner with Ray of Hope Amazon, the Village of Itaboca, and the children’s center in Cacau. We would like to provide more water filters, expand the children’s center, and meet the needs of the new pastor and his church.