Daniel Rolfe

Hailing from Suffolk, England, Daniel was raised in an agrarian culture right next to RAF Mildenhall. Coming from a really strong family upbringing, Daniel’s family was very engaged in the local church growing up. Daniel and Laurie met when Laurie’s dad was stationed at Mildenhall and, after only an hour into their first date, he told her that he believed they would get married one day. After almost 27 years of marriage, Daniel must have been on to something! Daniel and Laurie have 7 kids and recently became grandparents! Their oldest daughter and son-in-law just moved back from Nashville, TN to work on team at Mountain Springs!

In addition to playing Christmas music in September (trust us – it isn’t as fun as it sounds), Daniel loves putting the biblical text into a cultural and relational context all the while pointing people to Jesus amidst their stories. And that accent you can’t quite place? Well, he is a dual citizen and after 20+ years living in the States, Daniel is still trying to figure out his preferred accent.

After 23 years serving on the team at Mountain Springs Church, Pastor Daniel and Laurie are taking their well-earned “Year 21” sabbatical this summer. The biblical word “Sabbath” translates as “cease”. The goal of sabbatical for all our full-time employees is exactly that, to cease work and experience deep soul renewal. During Pastor Daniel’s sabbatical, we ask that you pray for him and his family as he focuses on rest, renewal, review and refocus. We are excited for Daniel to return in early September refreshed, recharged, and ready to resume the mission still before us.