Pastor Daniel Rolfe is the Senior Pastor at Mountain Springs Church. Daniel joined the staff team of Mountain Springs Church in the late 90’s, initially as the youth pastor. He has particular passion for the role of the local church in society, collaborative leadership in teams, and for teaching God’s word in a real and lively way. Daniel invests his life at Mountain Springs in following God’s kindness and serves with an authenticity and example that resets some of the unbiblical burdens that have been placed on people. Daniel cares deeply for people and their unique and redeemable stories.

Born in 1975 in Suffolk, England, Daniel grew up in a small farming community bordering RAF Mildenhall. As a young man, he had a dramatic salvation encounter at Spring Harvest in central England and just a few years later, he responded with his wife, Laurie, to the equally dramatic call of God on their lives to leave England and pursue a calling in the local church overseas. He lived with his young family in Kelowna, B.C., Canada for one year, shadowing and learning from the Senior Pastor of a megachurch, before moving to Colorado Springs in the fall of 1998.

Pastor Daniel and Laurie live in the Black Forest. If they are not neck-deep pouring their hearts into one their seven kids, you’ll find them working out together or having a date at a local coffee shop.

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