Evan Stone

Evan is from Champaign, Illinois (don’t get him started on University of Illinois sports) and has been married to his wife, Rebecca, since 2010. They were dog parents for several years before they became human parents in 2015 when their first child, Judah, was born and he is their full-of-life drummer boy. Their second son, Asher, was born in 2017 and is their extremely happy Hypotonia child. In their free time as a family, they love going on new adventures and following whatever sport is in season. 

Evan and his family moved to Colorado Springs in 2016 when he joined our team as the Student Ministries Pastor. Few things get Evan as excited as watching students experience the life transformation that only Jesus can bring. One other random thing about Evan? He pretty much always has a coffee cup on in his hands filled with whatever type of coffee was readily available at the time (he isn’t picky).