Keith is a Colorado Springs native and grew up at Mountain Springs Church. At a young age, he started serving in the sound booth at JV Elevate. From then on, he could be spotted there learning how to use AV and lighting to enhance the ministry of others. After high school, he worked as a car mechanic for a few years but eventually was hired at the church to do what he loves full time. Keith has grown a lot in his behind-the-scenes job and he works to ensure that the Word of God is preached clearly and without distraction. He also loves teaching others how to use their interests and talents in technology to serve the Lord.

He and Cassie were re-introduced in 2012 when Cassie was moving back to Colorado after 8 years in California. They quickly became best friends, started dating, and were married in 2013. In December of 2014 they welcomed their daughter Avery into their family and she has been a delight and joy to all who know her! They love helping out with Elevate on Wednesday nights, hiking, rock climbing, and going to the range together.